June 19, 2003

081 The Borelli Mix

Named after a work colleague who loaned me some CDs...or I borrowed them from his desk without asking, I forget! I think I started with placing "Heavy Metal Drummer" and "1979" next to each other and grew the mix from there.
  1. "Rebecca" Pat McGee Band; a complete throwback to the days of Mellow Gold and Yacht Rock.
  2. "Grey Street" Dave Matthews Band, from the oft-bootlegged Lillywhite Sessions that preceded the release of the album Everyday
  3. "Spooky Girlfriend" Elvis Costello
  4. "Huffer" In 2002 I was so happy that The Breeders released a new album I didn't notice it wasn't very good right away.
  5. "Hate to Say I Told You So" The Hives
  6. "Ride" Liz Phair
  7. "Two Of Us" Aimee Mann & Michael Penn; it's great hearing a real-life couple sing this duet. The original Paul and John duet always felt like it was written for Paul to sing with his wife Linda?
  8. "La Cienega Just Smiled" Ryan Adams
  9. "She Cries Your Name" Beth Orton
  10. "Not The Same" Ben Folds
  11. "Baby Seat" Barenaked Ladies
  12. "Stage Fright" The Band
  13. "My Old Friend" John Hiatt and Bruce Springsteen are contemporaries, and Hiatt has recorded in many rock styles, but this song sounds especially Springsteen-ian.
  14. "Sodajerk" Buffalo Tom
  15. "Heavy Metal Drummer" Wilco
  16. "1979" Smashing Pumpkins
  17. "The Bends" Radiohead: There are Beatles fans and Elvis fans, Wilma fans and Betty fans, and Bends fans and OK Computer fans. You can like both, but everyone likes one more than the other. I am a Bends fan.
  18. "Out There" Blake Babies
  19. "Rolling Down The Hill" The Rembrandts; Rolling down, indeed! This mix totally sputters to a halt; I never should have forced this song in here.
  20. "You Don't Know Me" Tracy Bonham