April 27, 2003

Laurel Canyon

laurelEnjoyably mellow movie about a son wound too tight (Bale) and a mother not wound at all (McDormand). It's kind of odd having two English actors (Christian Bale and Kate Beckinsale) playing Americans, while Alessandro Nivola (an American) plays a Brit? (Kendall Square Cinema)

April 18, 2003

A Mighty Wind

amightyMiles beyond what passes for 'comedy' these days. Very hip crowd at Boston Common for a change. I didn't expect them to appreciate this movie, but they were with it 100%. (Loews Boston Common)

April 16, 2003

Punch-Drunk Love

punchHard to believe this film was completely ignored by the Academy? (Brattle Theater)

April 5, 2003

Bend It Like Beckham

bendEverything My Big Fat Greek Wedding should have been. Told the same story, but better, and with more respect for the characters. (West Newton Cinema)