March 31, 2003


Beautiful, spellbinding, creepy. With Emily at the Brattle.

March 30, 2003

View From The Top

My wife gave me a $5 theater coupon, practically daring me to go see View From The Top. I lived to regret it. I prayed for death. It was if no human hand was involved in the creation of this abomination. It was not so much 'made' as 'extruded'. But Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Applegate, and Kelly Preston all looked awesome in their stewardess uniforms! (Fresh Pond Cambridge)

March 25, 2003

Time Bandits & The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

timebandits Part of a Terry Gilliam series at the Brattle Theater. I noticed, this time, how well Terry Gilliam does making "big" movies on ZERO budget. However, I advise never see two Terry Gilliam movies in a row- my imagination hurts! Whimsy overload!

March 23, 2003

Mix 89: Antipodean

The cover is a still from the best movie ever, L.A. Confidential, with my head pasted onto Guy Pearce's body. Not even Russell Crowe as "Bud" White can hold me back!
The title "Antipodean" celebrates not only the nationality of Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce, but the purpose of the CD- my wife was travelling to Australia for a wedding!
  1. Batman theme - I like the Style Council and Spandau Ballet, so I bought a CD from The Jam, but I could never get into them.
  2. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville - A cover of one of my favorite R.E.M. songs, a B-side from 10,000 Maniacs.
  3. Gone - A saw John Hiatt live and acoustic at the South Shore Music Circus the previous summer.
  4. True Fine Love - Steve Miller Band
  5. Dream a Little Dream - The Mamas and the Papas
  6. Electrical Storm - A U2 song I found for free on the Internet, but I never heard it again anywhere. Totally dropped off the face of the earth.
  7. Remedy - The Black Crowes
  8. Badlands - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, live at Arizona State University, 11/5/1980
  9. The Bitch Is Back - Elton John
  10. Hanging on the Telephone - Blondie
  11. Need You Tonight - INXS
  12. The Magnificent Seven - The Clash
  13. "45" - I saw Elvis Costello & The Impostors on the tour to support this CD When I Was Cruel, 6/14/2002.
  14. Faces & Names - I saw Dave Pirner on tour to support this CD 8/5/2002.
  15. Annie Waits - I saw Ben Folds on tour to support this CD in the summer of 2002.
  16. Centerfold - J. Geils Band
  17. Everything In The World - Squeeze
  18. Lift Me Up - Jeff Lynne
  19. South City Midnight Lady - "Goddamnit, The Doobie Brothers broke up! When did that happen?"
  20. One Sweet World (live 1993) - Dave Matthews Band

Mix 90: Ably Backed

I don't listen to this mix often, mainly because I made it for my then-girlfriend, shortly before we broke up. The good news is, we reunited six months later and are now married, but this mix, while perfectly OK, reminds me of a lousy period in our relationship.
The cover is an elaborate inside joke. My wife and I often quote our favorite movies, and I often get the quote mostly correct while my wife gets every quote right. This scene from the movie Singles was the first time I ever caught her in a misquote.
  1. "Overture"/"It's A Boy" - I included this Who song because it had been in a Claritin commercial recently.
  2. "It's Oh So Quiet" - Bjork
  3. "Too Much Passion" - The Smithereens
  4. "Waiting for Somebody" - Paul Westerberg
  5. "Go All The Way" - The Raspberries
  6. "Oh Sherrie" - Steve Perry
  7. "Lovely Rita" - The Beatles
  8. "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey" - I found this Kristen Hersh cover of the Beatles song on one of those free CDs they include with your purchase of UNCUT magazine.
  9. "Can't Cry Anymore" - Sheryl Crow
  10. "Take The Money and Run" - For some reason, the "whoo hoo" at the opening of this Steve Miller Band song always made my wife laugh.
  11. "The World (and all it's problems)" - John Wesley Harding
  12. "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man" -I used to wish I was the deejay that plays songs between innings at Red Sox games, so when Manny Ramirez hit a dinger I could play this clever Chuck Berry classic: "2-3 the count with nobody on he hit a high fly into the stands. Rounding third he was heading for home! It was a brown-eyed handsome man that won the game, it was a brown-eyed handsome man..."
  13. "Jungle Boogie" - Kool & The Gang
  14. "Cat Handcuffs" - Steve Martin
  15. "All-Star" - Smash Mouth
  16. "Stay Up Late" - Talking Heads
  17. "Fa Fa" - Guster
  18. "Where You Get Love" - Matthew Sweet
  19. "Uptight (Everything's Alright)" - This Stevie Wonder classic had been recently featured on Six Feet Under.
  20. "Outta Site Outta Mind" - A live version of the Wilco song from a "Live At The Hard Rock Cafe" collection.
  21. "Swan Swan H" - A live and unplugged performance by R.E.M., and possibly the worst mix-ending song ever!

March 15, 2003

Far From Heaven

farA delightful, beautiful film (seen with Kevin, who is also delightful and beautiful ;-). (Landmark Embassy Cinema Waltham)