October 17, 2002

Woody Allen Film Series at the Brattle Theater

  • September 26, 2002 • Take The Money and Run • Mildly funny series of jokes stuck into a fugitive genre movie.
  • October 3, 2002 • Bananas • Mildly funny series of jokes stuck into a Latin American revolution movie.
  • October 17, 2002 • Sleeper • More than mildly funny movie in the "contemporary man sent into the future" genre. Diane Keaton does a wonderful Marlon Brando impression!
  • October 17, 2002 • Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask) • Gene Wilder is wonderful. When his patient tells him he is in love with a sheep, I had another of my classic "I'm the only one laughing in the theater" moments.