October 5, 2002

The Third Man

My first date with my future wife. When I asked her out, I suggested The Third Man, and, not yet knowing her deep love for classic movies, proceeded to sketch out the details of the movie. Thankfully she knew what I was talking about, and we had a great time.
The best character introduction ever. The zither music highlights Lime's impish sense of humor.
Joseph Cotten is terrific, his weary novelist character seems completely timeless. I appreciate a story which forces a regular guy to become a detective, don't get me wrong, I love private eye movies, but an amateur turned sleuth offers lots of funny and dramatic opportunities. I love the lawless anarchy of Vienna. The zither music is bizarre and hilarious, but I grew to love it by the end of the movie. Also, I love any movie with a great ambiguous ending. Will Anna keep walking, or rejoin Holly? I don't want to know... (Brattle Theater)