September 1, 2002

084 ...A Little More Action

  1. "Bohemian Like You" The Dandy Warhols
  2. "The Middle" Jimmy Eat World
  3. "Headache" I met Frank Black once: in 1994, I was a clerk at Laser Craze, a laser video disc sales & rental shop. Remember those? Mr Black asked me if we had the Criterion Collection of M. Hulot's Holiday, the Jacques Tati film. I am proud to say I did not embarrass myself in front of one of the coolest guys of 1994- While I have never seen and barely knew the film, I did recognize the title and was able to steer him to the proper rack. In that situation, not looking dumb or ignorant of French cinema is the most I could have asked for.
  4. "We Are All Made of Stars" Beck; always reminds me of...
  5. "Golden Years" David Bowie
  6. "Big Kick, Plain Scrap!" Nick Lowe's best-of collection, BASHER, is the best best-of CD by anyone ever. Twenty-five songs, all gems.
  7. "Dangerous Type" Letters To Cleo covers the Cars.
  8. "Big Bang Baby" Stone Temple Pilots
  9. "Cigarette Dangles" The Pursuit of Happiness, featuring an introduction by Craig Peterson, who alleges to be a childhood pen pal of TPoH singer Mo Berg?
  10. "The One" Tracy Bonham
  11. "Disarm" Smashing Pumpkins
  12. "Venus as a Boy" Bjork; speaking of French films, this song is heard in Luc Besson's LEON, known to ignorant Americans as The Professional.
  13. "6ix" Speaking of Mr. Peterson, this Lemonheads song always reminds me of him. Craig actually introduced me to The Lemonheads in the first place. I am eternally grateful.
  14. Public Disservice Message: The Salvation Army
  15. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" Juliana Hatfield covers Neil Young "on a whim".
  16. "Don't Know Why" Norah Jones
  17. "Methadone Maintenance Man" An uncanny James Taylor parody by Tony Scheuren, from the National Lampoon Radio Hour (1975)
  18. "No Such Thing" John Mayer
  19. "Got A Hold On Me" A hit song from Christine McVie's only (?) solo album.
  20. "A Little Less Conversation" From Elvis Presley's movie tie-in album Live A Little, Love A Little.
  21. "Dr. Worm" They Might Be Giants, a new studio-recorded song on their otherwise live album Severe Tire Damage.
  22. "The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death" The Housemartins
  23. "Flipside" I love opening and/or closing mixes with an instrumental. This one is from The Breeders Last Splash.