January 25, 2002

Danvers Movie Theaters

Historical Note: Thanks to my friend (and Danvers resident) Nicole, January 25, 2002 was the first time I had seen a movie in Danvers, MA, in over a decade. During my childhood on the North Shore, the three theaters my family attended the most frequently were the following multiplexes:
  • Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers (three screens)
  • Showcase Cinemas Danvers (on the far side of Rt. 128, six screens+)
  • The multiplex next to the North Shore Shopping Center atop the hill in Peabody (four screens?)
Once my family moved to Somerville in 1989 and I moved to Boston in 1991, I didn't have a reason to head north to go to the movies. In the intervening decade, a new multiplex was built inside the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, and the adjacent three screen theater was torn down. The old Showcase Cinemas across the highway is still in operation (as a 'Hollywood Hits' theater), and the theaters next to the NSSS have been replaced with a Barnes & Noble. The vast majority of the movies I saw as a kid were at one of these three multiplexes. Here is a selection of the movies I saw in Danvers: I have only included films I distinctly remember seeing in a particular theater.

The Count of Monte Cristo

countNot to be confused with the Duchess Of Tuna Melt. Guy Pearce has to decline jobs like this and The Time Machine if he wants to avoid the B-list. Hard to believe this is the same guy who made Memento and L.A. Confidential! (Liberty Tree Mall theater)

January 20, 2002

Ocean's Eleven

oceansFirst movie I saw in digital projection. Very cool and entertaining movie. Occasionally too smug and self satisfied, but only occasionally. (Showcase Cinemas Randolph)

January 11, 2002

The Royal Tenembaums

royalA delightfully baroque portrait of the ultimate upper-class New York intellectual family. I felt like writer/director Wes Anderson ran out of plot about halfway through the movie, but the climactic wedding/car crash scene almost makes up for it. Gene Hackman, who does comedy better than another 1970s icon (Robert De Niro), hardly ever plays a father in the movies: the last time he played someone's father was in Class Action (1991). (Kendall Square Cinema)