December 25, 2001

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

lordBetter than I hoped for. As soon as the closing credits began, I thought to myself "I could watch The Two Towers right this second. Bring it on! I am pretty sure I had read all of Fellowship before I saw the movie. I remember I wasn't finished reading all three books yet, though...

The first time I saw The Fellowship of the Ring was Christmas Day, at Showcase Cinemas Randolph. The second time I saw The Fellowship of the Ring was December 30, outside Salt Lake City, UT, with Laurie and Joel.

In the eight years + four months since I saw LOTR:FOTR, I have probably put this movie in my DVD player more than any other movie. That doesn't mean I've watched all three hours every time, but the LOTR movies are our first choice for "something to watch while puttering around the house on the weekend."