July 1, 2001

057 Something In The Air

I think I put Dar Williams on three mix CDs in a row in this era, and Lucinda Williams is on two of those as well! Then I ran out of Dar Williams songs I knew, and I haven't used her music on a mix since. This photo, taken through a rainy picture window, is from the inner sleeve art of R.E.M.'s Out Of Time, I think. R.E.M. famously never used a photo of the band on any of their album covers, so I take perverse pleasure in forcing them to appear on my mix CD covers!

  1. "Something In The Air" ⇔ Thunderclap Newman
  2. "Subcity" ⇔ Tracy Chapman
  3. "World Leader Pretend" (live) ⇔ R.E.M.
  4. "All The Young Dudes" ⇔ Mott the Hoople
  5. "Doctor My Eyes" ⇔ Jackson Browne
  6. "Einstein on a Beach (for an eggman)"  ⇔ Counting Crows
  7. "Anywhere But Here" ⇔ k.d. lang
  8. "Simple Kind Of Life" ⇔ No Doubt
  9. "Whip-Smart" (Remix) ⇔ Liz Phair
  10. "What Do You Love More Than Love?" ⇔ Dar Williams
  11. "Crazy for this Girl" ⇔ Evan & Jaron the poor sampling rate on the MP3 of this one-hit wonder reveals this mix to originate from the Napster era of the turn of the millennium.
  12. "Found Out About You" ⇔ Gin Blossoms
  13. "If Love Was A Train" ⇔ Michelle Shocked
  14. "Natural Blues" ⇔ Moby
  15. "Essence" ⇔ Lucinda Williams
  16. "Waiting on a Friend" ⇔ The Rolling Stones
  17. "When You Say Nothing At All" ⇔ Alison Krauss
  18. "So Bad" ⇔ Paul McCartney
  19. "Shape Of My Heart" ⇔ Sting