July 27, 2001

070 Constant Forward Motion

  1. Jane's Addiction "Stop!"
  2. The Breeders "I Just Want To Get Along"
  3. Pearl Jam "Glorified G"
  4. Dave Matthews Band "Too Much"
  5. The Who "Magic Bus" [live at Leeds 2/14/70]
  6. The Beatles "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey"
  7. Alice In Chains "Would?"
  8. The Presidents of the United States of America "Lump"
  9. Barenaked Ladies "Shoebox"
  10. Stevie Wonder "Superstition"
  11. The Police "Canary In A Coalmine"
  12. XTC "Generals and Majors"
  13. Meat Puppets "Sam"
  14. US3 "Cantaloop"
  15. Beastie Boys "Sure Shot"
  16. Soho "Hippy Chick" [remix]
  17. Eric Clapton "Motherless Child"
  18. Republica "Ready To Go"
  19. U2 "Beautiful Day"

July 16, 2001

It Happened One Night & Sullivan's Travels (double feature)

It Happened One Night is a timeless "road trip" comedy. Thank God they haven't (literally) remade it! In the second half of this double-feature, Sullivan's Travels: I am not a big fan of "wrongly imprisoned" stories, so Sullivan rubbed me the wrong way. I left about halfway through. (Brattle Theater)

July 8, 2001

Sexy Beast

sexyFabulous performance by Ben Kingsley. However, I missed half the dialog in the heavy English accents. (Loews Church St, Harvard Sq.)

July 4, 2001

069 The Williams Sisters

Lucinda, Dar, and Other Songs

This mix starts super-strong, and ends with a whimper. 
  1. Michael Penn "Try"
  2. Soundgarden "Black Hole Sun"
  3. The Church "Under The Milky Way"
  4. Eric Clapton "Lonely Stranger" [unplugged]
  5. Lucinda Williams "Lonely Girls"
  6. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers "Angel Dream [no 4]"
  7. The Lemonheads "The Outdoor Type"
  8. Dar Williams "As Cool As I Am"
  9. Violent Femmes "Please Do Not Go"
  10. Jeff Lynne "Nobody Home"
  11. The Beatles "No Reply"
  12. Morphine "Gone For Good"
  13. Pretenders "My Baby"
  14. Peter Gabriel "Come Talk To Me" [Bob Clearmountain remix]
  15. Neneh Cherry feat. Michael Stipe "Trout"
  16. Cranberries "Twenty-One"
  17. 10,000 Maniacs "Gold Rush Brides"
  18. Mazzy Star "Fade Into You"
  19. Bob Dylan "Tangled Up In Blue" Alternate version from The Bootleg Series

July 2, 2001

The Anniversary Party

anniversaryJennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming write and direct a de facto home movie about a bunch of Hollywood industry types and their informal party in the hills. Lots of "oh this must be what movie stars are like when no one's watching" moments, but then they take Ecstasy, souls get bared, resentments boil over- a dark mess. It is kinda surreal to see Kevin Kline & Phoebe Cates & their kids play fictional versions of themselves. (Kendall Square Cinema)

July 1, 2001

057 Something In The Air

I think I put Dar Williams on three mix CDs in a row in this era, and Lucinda Williams is on two of those as well! Then I ran out of Dar Williams songs I knew, and I haven't used her music on a mix since. This photo, taken through a rainy picture window, is from the inner sleeve art of R.E.M.'s Out Of Time, I think. R.E.M. famously never used a photo of the band on any of their album covers, so I take perverse pleasure in forcing them to appear on my mix CD covers!

  1. "Something In The Air" ⇔ Thunderclap Newman
  2. "Subcity" ⇔ Tracy Chapman
  3. "World Leader Pretend" (live) ⇔ R.E.M.
  4. "All The Young Dudes" ⇔ Mott the Hoople
  5. "Doctor My Eyes" ⇔ Jackson Browne
  6. "Einstein on a Beach (for an eggman)"  ⇔ Counting Crows
  7. "Anywhere But Here" ⇔ k.d. lang
  8. "Simple Kind Of Life" ⇔ No Doubt
  9. "Whip-Smart" (Remix) ⇔ Liz Phair
  10. "What Do You Love More Than Love?" ⇔ Dar Williams
  11. "Crazy for this Girl" ⇔ Evan & Jaron the poor sampling rate on the MP3 of this one-hit wonder reveals this mix to originate from the Napster era of the turn of the millennium.
  12. "Found Out About You" ⇔ Gin Blossoms
  13. "If Love Was A Train" ⇔ Michelle Shocked
  14. "Natural Blues" ⇔ Moby
  15. "Essence" ⇔ Lucinda Williams
  16. "Waiting on a Friend" ⇔ The Rolling Stones
  17. "When You Say Nothing At All" ⇔ Alison Krauss
  18. "So Bad" ⇔ Paul McCartney
  19. "Shape Of My Heart" ⇔ Sting