May 17, 2001

065 Old, Crazy & Stupid

  1. "Sick of Myself" My favorite Matthew Sweet song.
  2. "Chemistry" I like this song and love the production on this Semisonic song.
  3. "Imitation of Life" If I had a time machine, I would go back to 1992 and tell past Nat to stop buying R.E.M. CDs after Automatic for the People. As history shows, I kept paying out for four more albums, and some CD singles too, until Reveal (2001), which was enough for me to finally learn my lesson.
  4. "Love & Happiness" Al Green
  5. "This Time" Los Lobos
  6. "Safety In Numbers" Joan Osbourne
  7. "A Girl Like You" Edwyn Collins
  8. "Cuts You Up" I put Collins and Peter Murphy together because "A Girl Like You" (from a late-90s slacker movie I can't remember...Empire Records maybe?) reminds me of Peter Murphy.
  9. "Mint Car" --> "Mother Mother" The Cure song ends on the same note as the Tracy Bonham song begins, so I cross-faded them together. I don't remember how I discovered this.
  10. "Rudie Can't Fail" The Clash
  11. "The Tide Is High" Blondie is one of those bands that I have never liked. This song is okay.
  12.  "Genius Of Love" Tom Tom Club
  13. "Marching Through The Wilderness" David Byrne
  14. "Old" Paul Simon's album You're The One is unfairly overlooked. Some great songs on there.
  15. "Crazy" Alana Davis
  16. "Stupid Girl" Garbage
  17. "Here Comes Your Man" The Pixies