April 16, 2001

055: Who Sucked Out The Feeling?

The art design of the packaging is more interesting than this mix. This is the result of an unemployed 29-year-old with Photoshop and unlimited free time.
I really enjoy adding stamps, logos, and price tags to my packaging- notice that the price tag has a space for the retailer name; I have added the mix number "FIFTY-FIVE" instead.
The bold and sexy Tori Amos photo is from a SPIN Magazine photoshoot, and I think the Shirley Manson photo is from the Garbage CD booklet.
  1. Oasis "Live Forever"
  2. Jane's Addiction "Jane Says"
  3. Better Than Ezra "Desperately Wanting"
  4. Primitive Radio Gods "Phonebooth"
  5. Tori Amos "Spark"
  6. Richard Thompson "I Misunderstood"
  7. Nanci Griffith "Boots of Spanish Leather"
  8. Lucinda Williams "Can't Let Go"
  9. Superdrag "Sucked Out"
  10. Beck "Devil's Haircut"
  11. Garbage "Push It"
  12. Fiona Apple "Fast As You Can"
  13. Suzanne Vega & Joe Jackson "Left Of Center" from the Pretty In Pink soundtrack.
  14. XTC "The Man Who Murdered Love"
  15. Everclear "Wonderful"