April 20, 2001

Enemy at the Gates

enemyGreat actors save an ordinary script about the battle at Stalingrad. (Showcase Cinemas Randolph)

April 17, 2001

063 Something Ain't Right

  1. "Sabotage" The Beastie Boys
  2. "13 Steps Lead Down" From Elvis Costello's
    Attractions reunion album, Brutal Youth (1994)
  3. "Honey White" Morphine
  4. "Starf*ckers, Inc." Nine Inch Nails
  5. "I Did It" Dave Matthews Band
  6. "Cannonball" The Breeders
  7. "Since You're Gone" I was listening
    to a lot of The Cars that year.
  8. "Big Time Sensuality" Björk
  9. "Divine Thing" Soup Dragons
  10. "Rocks" Primal Scream
  11. "Song 2" Blur. I downloaded this song from Napster in 1999 or 2000. The Napter app had a live chat forum, so I asked "What's the name of that song in the Nissan Maxima commercials?" This question did not help my indie credibility.
  12. "Beautiful Stranger" Madonna
  13. "Dead" They Might Be Giants. "Did a large procession wave their torches as my head fell in the basket, and was everybody dancing on the casket?"
  14. "Something Ain't Right" From David Byrne's 1992 album Uh-Oh. Am I the only person on Earth who remembers or likes this CD? Unrelated: to give some historical context, I bought this CD used at Planet Records in Kenmore Square for $9.99.
  15. "Hourglass" Squeeze "The hourglass has no more grains of sand. My watched has stopped: no more turning hands. Little green neon haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaands."
  16. "One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces" Ben Folds Five
  17. "Shoe Box" Barenaked Ladies
  18. "Kitchen" The Lemonheads. "Walking you home along Mt. Vernon street. You told me secrets I was shocked to know."
  19. "Happier" Jennifer Trynin I picture this song and "Kitchen" happening across the street from each other in Cambridge. "Aren't you the guy who robbed the Store 24? Maybe the f*ck who tried to jimmy my door?"
  20. "I Should've Known" Aimee Mann

April 16, 2001

055: Who Sucked Out The Feeling?

The art design of the packaging is more interesting than this mix. This is the result of an unemployed 29-year-old with Photoshop and unlimited free time.
I really enjoy adding stamps, logos, and price tags to my packaging- notice that the price tag has a space for the retailer name; I have added the mix number "FIFTY-FIVE" instead.
The bold and sexy Tori Amos photo is from a SPIN Magazine photoshoot, and I think the Shirley Manson photo is from the Garbage CD booklet.
  1. Oasis "Live Forever"
  2. Jane's Addiction "Jane Says"
  3. Better Than Ezra "Desperately Wanting"
  4. Primitive Radio Gods "Phonebooth"
  5. Tori Amos "Spark"
  6. Richard Thompson "I Misunderstood"
  7. Nanci Griffith "Boots of Spanish Leather"
  8. Lucinda Williams "Can't Let Go"
  9. Superdrag "Sucked Out"
  10. Beck "Devil's Haircut"
  11. Garbage "Push It"
  12. Fiona Apple "Fast As You Can"
  13. Suzanne Vega & Joe Jackson "Left Of Center" from the Pretty In Pink soundtrack.
  14. XTC "The Man Who Murdered Love"
  15. Everclear "Wonderful"

054: Fly, Run, Thrill, Avenge!

It's so easy to use the Photoshop Eyedropper tool to match a font color to a color from your imagery; making the lettering match McLachlan's clothes works great here. Matching the track listing to the same gray as the background looks a little cheap, however. The McLachlan photo was so hi-res I was happy to use an extreme close-up crop for the back cover too. I think I stole the "High Fidelity Recording" logo from an old Beatles LP?
  1. "Lust For Life" IGGY POP
  2. "She Said Yeah" PAUL McCARTNEY; from his all-oldies covers album Run Devil Run.
  3. "I Don't Wanna Know" JULIAN LENNON really going for the Beatles sound on this track from his album Photograph Smile.
  4. "Millennium" I love the James Bond/Thunderball hook on this ROBBIE WILLIAMS song.
  5. "Possession" [live] SARAH McLACHLAN
  6. "Learn To Fly" FOO FIGHTERS
  7. "Lotus" R.E.M. Stipe embraces his raw sexual glam side.
  8. "Blue Jean" I love this production style, horns and drums on this DAVID BOWIE song.
  9. "Run" COLLECTIVE SOUL doesn't really have their own personality; this is the track where they sound the most like Roxy Music to me.
  10. "Caught A Lite Sneeze" TORI AMOS's kiss-off to Trent Reznor
  11. "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me" U2's last gasp of glam rock before they pivoted back to basics with All That You Can't Leave Behind in 2001.
  12. "Time The Avenger" PRETENDERS
  13. "Little Sister" I love the sound on this ELVIS PRESLEY single, especially the raw and prominent bass guitar.
  14. "AM Radio" I really enjoyed this album for awhile but EVERCLEAR wore out its welcome pretty quick.
  15. "Mayor Of Simpleton" XTC
  16. "Hangin Around" I love singing this COUNTING CROWS song loud loud loud!

059 Amalgamation

I think I called this "Amalgamation" (or maybe I misspelled it) because I combined parts of two different mix tapes into one mix CD? More research is required.
  1. "God Only Knows" The Beach Boys
  2. "Breaking Us In Two" Joe Jackson; I love singing this song. Joe and I have the exact same vocal range.
  3. "Sweet Baby James" James Taylor
  4. "J For Jules" Til Tuesday
  5. "The Love Cats" The Cure
  6. "Blister In The Sun" Violent Femmes
  7. "Breaking The Girl" Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. "Waiting For Tonight" - a rare Tom Petty song from the Jeff Lynne Era, with great backing vocals from The Bangles. I found it on a sampler EP from his Playback box set.
  9. "March of the Swivelheads" The (English) Beat - the wonderful instrumental used so well during the footrace at the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
  10. "99.9F" Suzanne Vega
  11. "You Still Touch Me" Sting; from the last Sting album I bought, Mercury Falling
  12. "Peace In The Neighbourhood" Paul McCartney
  13. "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)" John Lennon & Yoko Ono; from Double Fantasy. On my mix tape version of this playlist, I did a gorgeous cross-fade between the wave sounds and steel drums that close out the Lennon song with the solo acoustic guitar that opens the Dave Matthews Band song that follows...
  14. "Pay For What You Get" Dave Matthews Band
  15. "Ramble On" Led Zeppelin
  16. "Right Hand Man"; a kickass Joan Osborne song, I wonder if anyone else remembers this one?
  17. "Switch Board Susan" Nick Lowe
  18. "Break It Down Again" Tears for Fears

052 Someday We'll Walk

  1. Real Love ⊕ John Lennon
  2. Someday We'll Know ⊗ New Radicals
  3. When The Rainbow Comes ⊕ Shawn Colvin
  4. Sea Of Love ⊗ The Honey drippers
  5. Every Night ⊕ Paul McCartney
  6. Lost Count ⊗ Ebba Forsberg
  7. What Do You Hear In These Sounds ⊕ Dar Williams
  8. Fake Plastic Trees ⊕ Radiohead
  9. Caravan of Love ⊗ The Housemartins
  10. Walk Unafraid ⊕ R.E.M.
  11. Fearless Love ⊗ Bonnie Raitt
  12. Forget About It ⊕ Alison Krauss
  13. Waiting For The Sun ⊗ The Jayhawks
  14. She Will Have Her Way ⊕ Neil Finn
  15. Seventeen Again ⊗ Eurythmics

051 Sad Bad Barrel Teeth

  1. "Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead" ♦ Crash Test Dummies
  2. "You Sexy Thing" ♦ Hot Chocolate
  3. "Barrel Of A Gun" ♦ Guster
  4. "Murder [or a Heart Attack]" ♦ The Old 97s
  5. "Malibu" ♦ Hole
  6. "Skin and Teeth" ♦ Joe Henry
  7. "It's A Mistake" ♦ Men At Work
  8. "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing" ♦ Chris Isaak
  9. "The Book I'm Not Reading" ♦ Patty Larkin
  10. "Sad Sad Sad" ♦ The Rolling Stones
  11. "Drown" ♦ Son Volt
  12. "Can't Stand It" ♦ Wilco
  13. "Cornflake Girl" (live) ♦ Tori Amos
  14. "Taillights Fade" ♦ Buffalo Tom
  15. "The Weight" ♦ The Band
  16. "The Old Apartment" ♦ Barenaked Ladies
  17. "Possession" (remix) ♦ Sarah McLachlan
  18. "Save it For Later" ♦ Harvey Danger

056 Kool New Special Beautiful!

  1. "Love Keep Us Together" (Chris Lord-Alge mix) Martin Sexton
  2. "2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten" Lucinda Williams
  3. "I'd Like That" XTC
  4. "At The Stars" Better Than Ezra
  5. "Under Pressure" Queen & David Bowie
  6. "I Will Buy You A New Life" Everclear
  7. "Trapped" [Live] Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
  8. "Heroes" Wallflowers
  9. "Special" Garbage
  10. "Honeymoon Suite" Suzanne Vega
  11. "Sinner" Neil Finn
  12. "At My Most Beautiful" R.E.M.
  13. "There She Goes" The La's
  14. "That'll Do" Peter Gabriel Feat. Paddy Maloney and the Black Dyke Mills Band

53: Three Doors

This mix is heavily influenced by my then-recent stint at AAA radio station WCLZ in Portland. In fact, you could argue that this entire playlist would easily fit on that station in 2001- perhaps not Alan Parsons Project, but the rest for sure. The cover art is from the CD insert for whitechocolatespaceegg, from Liz Phair, plus some Photoshop effects.
  1. Alan Parsons Project: Don't Answer Me
  2. 'til tuesday: Coming Up Close
  3. John Hiatt: Drive South
  4. Bruce Springsteen: "Where The Bands Are" is from Springsteen's Tracks four-disc box set full of rare & unreleased recordings, or as I like to call it, the Bootleg Killer.
  5. Lucinda Williams: Passionate Kisses
  6. Billy Bragg: Sexuality
  7. Richard Thompson: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
  8. Liz Phair: Uncle Alvarez; I don't know why I didn't follow this song with it's spiritual brother, "Uncle Walter"? Seems weird now that I didn't make that segue.
  9. Ben Folds Five: Steven's Last Night In Town; Don't get me wrong, I love this song, but "Uncle Walter" would have made more sense.
  10. The Old '97s: Nineteen
  11. Buffalo Tom: Kitchen Door
  12. R.E.M.: The Great Beyond
  13. Moby: Porcelain
  14. The Eels: Novocaine for the Soul
  15. Sinead Lohan: Diving To Be Deeper
  16. Patty Larkin: Wolf At The Door
  17. Pete Townsend: Let My Love Open The Door [E.Cola Mix] (as heard in the film Grosse Pointe Blank)
  18. Nick Drake: Pink Moon

April 15, 2001

050: Standing Shimmer Shine

  1. Del Amitri "Kiss This Thing Goodbye"
  2. Richard Thompson "Crawl Back (Under My Stone)"
  3. XTC "Standing In For Joe"
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers "Scar Tissue"
  5. Soul Coughing "Circles"
  6. Filter "Take A Picture"
  7. Style Council "My Ever-Changing Moods"
  8. Spandau Ballet "True"
  9. Paul McCartney "Calico Skies"
  10. Crowded House "Better Be Home Soon"
  11. Liz Phair "Polyester Bride"
  12. John Hiatt "Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder"
  13. Shawn Mullins "Shimmer"
  14. The Push Stars "Everything Shines"
  15. Barenaked Ladies "Some Fantastic"

April 14, 2001

You Can Count On Me

youThoughtful, caring story of family. Afterwards, while walking out of the Somerville Theater, I saw Natalie Portman walk by- this was during the period that she was attending Harvard.