August 5, 2000


It is difficult to do justice to so many interesting characters in one movie, but Bryan Singer's first X-Men movie does a good job.
Hugh Jackman gets Wolverine just right, and even makes the hair plausible.
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen really sell the blend of old friendship. It's easy to understand how rivals can have so much in common.
Famke Janssen is a terrific blend of brains, restraint, and mystery, which pays off in the next two movies.
Halle Berry seems adrift as Storm, and having a lame superpower doesn't help.
Anna Paquin is some kind of miscasting mystery. She brings zero to the movie. It's like a black hole of personality.
Migrating the physical appearance of comic book characters is not always easy. Most Batman costumes look completely non-functioning. Christopher Reeve succeeded as Superman thanks to pure confidence, muscle tone, and someone watching him for sweat stains. We might not ever see an Incredible Hulk that looks as believeable as Gollum or Dobby. There's no yellow Spandex in this movie, and they don't even wear their uniforms until the third act. Professor X wisely avoids the pointy, Vulcan-esque eyebrows. Storm's hair looks good, and Cyclops's headgear is OK too. Toad (Ray Park) looks ridiculous with his seemingly random skin and hair color, plus some odd teeth. And yet, its totally unfair, because there's no logical reason why Rebecca Romijn looks so plausible as Mystique. The blue skin, red hair, and yellow eyes seem totally random, and yet it works. Her body helps, I suppose...

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