June 4, 1999

Notting Hill

nottingI loved Four Weddings and a Funeral. I never saw it in a theater, so there's no review of the movie in this blog, but I indeed loved it. It's great despite the fact that Andie MacDowell is a bad actress. She is so terrible in the movie, that it's a miracle that the movie is wonderful. So Hugh Grant and screenwriter Richard Curtis reunited to make another romantic comedy, but this time, they cast Julia Roberts, who may be the best romantic comedy actress in the world. Basic Movie Math 101 means Notting Hill has to be better than Four Weddings, right? Somehow, Julia is not a huge improvement. Her character is so angry and unlikeable in this film. She treats Grant poorly before they sleep together, and then when she gets caught out by the paparazzi, she takes out her anger by lashing out at him. I understand that she is supposed to be portraying a famous actress who has to keep a defensive barrier in front of herself, but the peeks of the woman inside are too brief and completely unconvincing.