November 27, 1998

A Bug's Life

bugsAn entertaining retelling of the Seven Samurai story, with a twist! I watched it again in 2011 on TV. It's not as wonderful as I remember, and despite the care taken with the botany, the computer animation looks so so primitive! (The day after Thanksgiving, with my family, at Assembly Square Cinema)

November 20, 1998

Meet Joe Black

MeetI want my three hours back! There's this one scene where Claire Forlani is swimming laps, and Brad Pitt enters the pool room to see her. He walks the length of the pool to meet her as she finishes a lap. This sequence, leading up to their lines of dialogue, is the problem with this movie. Long, unnecessary, interminable, boring nothingness...

November 6, 1998

The Wizard of Oz

wizardThis may have been the first time I had seen this movie on a big movie screen. If not, it might as well have been, as the restored print was a revelation. It was amazing what details I noticed. I could see the "straw lines" the makeup artists painted on the Scarecrow's cheeks. The opening Kansas scenes are in glorious sepia tones instead of ordinary black and white. (Hoyt's Falmouth Cinemas)

November 1, 1998


pleasantvilleI really enjoyed this anti-boomer look at the smothering conformism - slash - social fascism of white America in the 1950s.