July 3, 1998

Moviegoing by the Numbers

Exactly how often do I go to the movies?
I have been out to the movies 802 times in 25 years. At two hours apiece, that's over 64 days straight (with no bathroom breaks)! Over the last decade I've averaged 19 movies per year.
Since my first son was born in 2009 my pace has slowed a tad- now that our kids are getting older and we found a reliable, affordable babysitter, I hope to get that annual total back up!


  • I saw so many movies in 1995 because I was on business trips every weekend? It's a long story.
  • I was a member of the Brattle Theatre for a few years in the early 2000s, which included free passes, and discounted admission, which is reflected in my numbers in those years.
  • I was unemployed for all of 2001 and only working part time for half of 2002, and I went to a lot of movies in that era too.
  • I saw five movies in one weekend at South by Southwest 2012.
  • My 2015 total would have been even lower but I saw three movies in three days while my family was out of town between Christmas and New Years'.