June 9, 1998

The Truman Show

I truly enjoyed this film on many levels. Easily Jim Carrey's finest role to date. One of the great endings in movie history.
2017 Update: I'm not certain I have watched this movie all the way through since I saw it at Hoyt's Cinemas, Falmouth, Maine 19 years and a few weeks ago. I spontaneously chose it from Amazon Video last night and really enjoyed it. The cast is outstanding, Jim Carrey is perfect as the man hobbled by the pressure of society's expectations but whose spirit for adventure cannot be suppressed.
Watching it in 2017, I noticed how the whole world Truman lives in is designed to manipulate/brainwash/program him crush his wandering spirit - Ed Harris' Christof character believes that Truman is the only "real" thing in his little terrarium, but Christof has been desperately manipulating Truman his whole life to keep him from discovering the truth.