April 11, 1998

Lost In Space

lostinspaceDid the producers think that people would flock to see William Hurt, Mimi Rogers, Heather Graham, "Joey" from Friends, and the kid from Party Of Five in a movie which is totally dissimliar from a television show which had been cancelled in 1968? It's almost like the studio approved the idea of the movie before they knew how to execute it, and when the studio decided not to hire stars, it was too late to stop the movie from being made. Sometimes I think some movies just get cranked out even though no one thinks it's a good idea. Almost as if the studios are so desparate to offer moviegoers some product that they'll throw anything into production, just to make sure they offer a movie in theaters every week of the year. The movie is not 100% without merit- there are some cool ideas about space travel and time travel, but not enough to support an entire movie.
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