January 31, 1998

Tuesday Discount at Hoyt's Cinemas, Falmouth ME

For a brief period in late 1997 and early 1998, the Hoyt's multiplex on Route 1 in Falmouth, ME, offered matinee-price tickets ($4.50) all day on Tuesdays- a $2 savings! Here are the five movies I saw during this special offer period.
  • The Little Mermaid • Tuesday, November 11, 1997, 7:15pm • The last of the old-school Disney movies, and the beginning of the 1990s renaissance.
  • Anastasia • Tuesday, November 25, 1997, 7:30pm • Completely forgettable non-Disney hand-drawn animated film.
  • Alien: Resurrection • Tuesday, December 2, 1997, 7:20pm • Better than the third Alien movie. Some inventive ideas, and frankly, the best idea ever for bringing back a dead character. But overall, these nice touches are not enough to distract from the well-traveled ground this batch of misfits treads. Winona Ryder is miscast as a android.
  • As Good As It Gets • Tuesday, January 6, 1998, 6:30pm • I really disliked this movie, especially in contrast with James Brooks's far superior Broadcast News. None of the characters were likeable. Jack Nicholson plays a smug bastard with an obsessive-compulsive glaze on top, as if that makes his self-involvement entertaining. Helen Hunt won the "Best Newcomer" Oscar for her terminally grating waitress character. (She beat out Julie Christie, Judi Dench, Kate Winslet, and Helena Bonham Carter for the statuette.) Note the incredibly condescending lower-class accent she so badly applies. Greg Kinnear's gay artist is just pitiful.
  • Scream 2 • Tuesday, January 13, 1998, 6:50pm • Uck. The beginning of the end of the post-modern horror flick.