November 8, 1997

Starship Troopers

I continue to enjoy this slick, entertaining, satirical sci-fi dystopia.
2013 Update: Saw a half hour of Troopers on IFC last night. The 1997 alien effects are still terrific, and the movie's internet propaganda framing device aptly predicts our cultural migration to the Web. Casper Van Dien is perfect, Denise Richards is totally vacant (I forgot she was once married to Charlie Sheen!) and Patrick Muldoon is hilarious- he's the only officer who never puts his cap on- don't want to mess up his hair!
Jake Busey can't seem to close his mouth over those giant Chiclet teeth
This movie is what it would be like if you were a Nazi, but you didn't know you were the bad guys. I was reminded of a sketch on the British TV show The Mitchell & Webb Look where two German SS officers debate "if we're the good guys, why do we have skulls on our caps?" NOTE: To find that YouTube clip, I Googled "british sketch comedy nazis"