March 29, 1997

Jerry Maguire

A second viewing of this fantastic movie. I would eventually buy this movie in a two-disc DVD set, featuring a "video commentary" from the cast. Basically, they videotaped Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger, and Cuba Gooding Jr. on a couch with headphones and microphones, watching the movie on TV. What was weird about this is, Cruise's head was shaved bald for his part in Minority Report. He was wearing a ballcap, and he made no mention of his odd appearance. Also, Gooding's hair was dyed an odd color, I think for a movie role, but I forget which (Rat Race [2001]?). Thirdly, Zellweger is even squinty-face-ier on video than she is on film! It's amazing she looks even borderline normal in the movies.