February 21, 1997

Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back SPECIAL EDITION

More than two years in advance of the release of Star Wars Episode 1: Generation X Learns To Hate George Lucas, comes the first revision of our childhood memories. (February 21 and 28, 1997; Flagship Falmouth Cinemas)

February 20, 1997

Dante's Peak

dantesThe first two acts follow the script of "Jaws" except they replaced the word 'shark' with 'volcano': A big-city sheriff, relocated to a small resort community, teams up with a outspoken scientist to try and uncover the natural disaster which threatens the entire community. (Maine Mall Cinema)

February 1, 1997

44: The Damage Done

A collection of dark music, this cassette was later re-made as a CD-R. 94 minutes.