August 18, 1996

40th Commemorative Mix Tape

I didn't "commemorate" anything with this mix. This was my first mix started at my new job at WMGX. As a result, it's chock full of easy classic rock from the WMGX CD library. 100 minutes.


Despite marrying Chris Martin, moving to London, and having several half-English babies with peculiar names, Gwyneth Paltrow is still technically American. Gwyneth does a terrific English accent, as heard in Emma, Sliding Doors, Shakespeare In Love... (Maine Mall Cinema)

August 16, 1996

August 3, 1996

A Time To Kill

Professionally staged with an all-star cast. At 149 minutes, it's a little long, and definitely too episodic. Quite satisfying nonetheless.

August 1, 1996


One of Jackie Chan's best Hong Kong films, imported and re-titled for the USA. This was in the period after the success of Rumble In The Bronx, when Miramax's Dimension Films released a slew of Chan's Hong Kong films in America. Supercop was released in Hong Kong in 1993 as Police Story 3: Super Cop. (Maine Mall Cinema)