June 29, 1996

The Rock

Watched this film again in 2015 on my Roku while parenting my newborn son one late night, The Rock surprised me:
It's beautifully photographed, especially the gorgeous outdoor cinematography. Director Michael Bay and DP John Schwartzman are meticulous in their work. All the San Francisco locations don't hurt either! I really noticed Quentin Tarantino's script punch ups- he did a lot of uncredited magic in the mid 1990s- the Silver Surfer argument in Crimson Tide springs to mind- so whenever the chit chat gets excessively cool, I know it's Q at work.
Nicolas Cage is intensely handsome, but also craaaaazy!
No CGI-- In the post Terminator 2 era, so many 1990s action movies used crummy CGI to try to keep up. If there's any CGI in this movie, I didn't see it- a conventional action movie in 1996 is to be treasured! This helps keep the movie from feeling dated, 19 years later: only a few computer shots, and a few women's wardrobe choices give away the 1990s moment- of course it helps that most of the cast is in uniform throughout the movie.  (Originally I saw this movie at the Maine Mall Cinema)

Vanessa Marcil is wearing a tight white
belly-baring tee shirt and
high-waisted jeans!
Is Claire Forlani wearing Silent Bob's
overcoat in this scene?