June 8, 1996

Highest Grossing Movies (That I Have Never Seen)

Our of the top 200 movies of all time I have seen 151 of the 200 highest-grossing movies of all time. Here's the Top Ten I haven't seen:

RankTitleAdjusted Gross
37Love Story$605,484,000
49Around the World in 80 Days$558,923,100
53The Bells of St. Mary's$542,745,100
56The Towering Inferno$530,899,500
61The Greatest Show on Earth$519,000,000
63The Passion of the Christ$516,446,900
71Smokey and the Bandit$491,604,800

it's not exactly a collection of essential classics, is it?
  • US box office
  • Adjusted for inflation
  • 1921 through February 2017
  • I saw them either on home video or in the theater