March 22, 1996

Steve Buscemi: Gone Kaput

buscemiA few years back, a guy named Pete Bevin compiled a list of The Many Deaths of Steve Buscemi. Pete noted how often Steve's characters expire in the movies and TV. Pete's site is long gone, but I saved his mostly complete listing of Steve Buscemi: Gone Kaput (see bottom).
2011 is the Era Of The Supercut, where people with a DVD player and a lot of free time on their hands create YouTube montages of common scenes from movies and TV. Thanks to "dondrapersayswhat's" YouTube channel, a you can "enjoy" a selection of these (mostly gruesome) deaths by clicking play below!

  • Miller's Crossing ... Mink (shot in the face)
  • Desperado ... "Buscemi" (stabbed)
  • Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead ... Mister Shhh (shot)
  • Fargo ... Carl (wood chipper)
  • The Big Lebowski ... Donny (heart attack)
  • Monsters, Inc ... Randall (bludgeoned by redneck in trailer, maybe not killed)
  • The Sopranos ... Tony Blundetto (shotgun blast to the head)
  • The Island ... McCord (shot, topples over railing, crashes through glass in slow motion)
  • Domestic Disturbance ... Ray Coleman (stabbed)
  • The Grey Zone ... Abramowics (shot)
  • The Last Outlaw ... Philo (shot)
  • Twenty Bucks ... Frank (shot)
  • Rising Sun ... Willy 'the Weasel' Wilhelm
  • Reservoir Dogs ... Mr Pink (probably shot by police offscreen at the very end of the movie)
  • Billy Bathgate ... Irving
  • Barton Fink ... Chet (Assuming he goes up in flames with the hotel)
  • King of New York ... Test Tube
  • Lonesome Dove TV Series ... Luke (scalped)