May 24, 1995


Blew me away. The drawn-and-quartered ending is so sad and gruesome, that I don't have the stomach to watch it a second time. Back in 1995, I was still young and naive enough to hope that someone would save Wallace in the end! Many great things about this movie, at the moment I remember that wonderfully evil speech the feudal magistrate gives right before he executes William Wallace's wife Murron (Catherine McCormack). Murron has been arrested for defending herself against an attempted rape by a soldier:
"All of you know full well, the great pains I've always taken never to be too strict, too rigid with the application of our laws, and as a consequence, have we not learned to live together in relative peace and harmony? And this day's lawlessness is how you repay my leniency. Well you leave me with little choice. An assault on the king's soldiers is the same as an assault on the king himself.
And what makes this worse is, the magistrate then quietly admits he executed her in an attempt to flush out Wallace...(Church Street, Harvard Square)

Also On Memorial Day, Through The Years

I have been to the movies on Memorial Day Monday 13 times in 24 years, but it's not a great track record. 

May 21, 1995

Forget Paris

Billy Crystal goes to Paris with Debra Winger; do they run into Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline?

May 19, 1995

Die Hard with a Vengeance

Muddled, frantic, and confusing. But it moves so fast you don't notice. Jeremy Irons does his fake German accent no better than Alan Rickman did. (First viewing at the Cheri; also saw it on June 6 and June 10.)

May 18, 1995

Crimson Tide

A overly muscular and manly submarine thriller, directed by Tony Scott.

May 7, 1995

French Kiss

A romantic comedy road trip in France. Meg Ryan stars, but her When Harry Met Sally co-star Billy Crystal was too musy making his own French rom-com (Forget Paris), so Kevin Kline plays her French love interest instead.

May 1, 1995

28: Revisited!

My notes on the cassette insert say "Side 2 originally recorded May 1995, both sides re-recorded March 23, 1996. The collection is chock-full of contemporary music, including plenty of alt-rock, and music I was then playing on the Top 40 radio station 103.7 "Peak" FM. 90 minutes.

Destiny Turns on the Radio

It was not a good year for bad movies. What I'm trying to say is: this sucked.