February 26, 1995

The Shawshank Redemption

Wonderful. I loved the Stephen King novella and I love the movie.

February 25, 1995

24: Really Zany Mix

Featuring music, stand-up comedy, sketches from comedy CDs, and TV theme music.
100 minutes

Just Cause

A terrible serial killer movie, set amongst the sweat and alligators of Florida. Great talent (Sean Connery, Laurence Fishburne, Kate Capshaw, Blair Underwood, Ruby Dee, Scarlett Johansson, Ned Beatty, Lynne Thigpen), all wasted. Ed Harris plays the Hannibal Lecter role, with a crazy haircut.

February 23, 1995

23: Join Together

This mix contains songs I liked to play on the guitar.
90 minutes

February 22, 1995

The Brady Bunch Movie

As the theme song began, I thought "I cannot believe I am watching this!". This film is definitely on my "Most Embarassed That I Paid To See This" List, along with Shanghai Surprise, Jetsons: The Movie, and Coneheads. I saw it again on March 11.

February 18, 1995

Pulp Fiction in Chronological Order?

If you've ever been unemployed, you know the kinds of meaningless projects you'll undertake just to make the day go by. When I was vocationally challenged in 2001, I borrowed my friend's Criterion Collection laserdisc copy of Pulp Fiction and decided to copy it to VHS, but in chronological order. One of the devices Quentin uses to make Pulp Fiction interesting is to take the linear action out of sequence. After watching my VHS tape, you can make the argument that the non-linear storytelling is the whole reason for the movie's existence.
Jules & Vincent Whack A Couple Guys
Royale with Cheese • We open on Jules and Vincent, two black-suited hitmen, cruising through L.A. on their way to an early-morning hit, chatting about life in Amsterdam. They arrive at the apartment building, discuss Tony "Rocky Horror", foot massages, and "taking out" Mia Wallace.
Ezekiel 25:17 • Jules and Vincent confront Brett and "Flock of Seagulls". For some reason, Brett (Frank Whaley) is eating a Big Kahuna burger at 7:22 in the morning. The scene ends when Brett is shot...
Divine Intervention • We rejoin the Jules/Brett conversation ("You ever read the Bible, Brett?"), this time, from the perspective of the cannon-wielding, bathroom-using Fourth Man. The Fourth Man is in the bathroom (when in doubt, QT puts a character in the W.C.), pants unzipped, overhearing Jules' scripture monologue from behind the closed door. After Brett is shot, this fella runs out, then shoots and misses Jules and Vincent six times. Jules and Vincent shoot The Fourth Man, discuss divine intervention, then leave with Marvin in tow.
“I just shot Marvin in the face.” • This is why you put the hammer down and put your gun away- poor Marvin gets shot in the face.
The Bonnie Situation • Jimmie explains why they need to get the "Dead N***** Storage" sign off the front lawn so quickly.
Winston Wolf • He takes his coffee with extra cream and extra sugar, and he drives really f*ckin' fast. Sounds just like me!
Monster Joe’s Truck & Tow • Marvin and Jules' wheels get crushed, Winston advises the guys to "move out of the sticks, fellas"; Jules and Vincent call a cab and go for breakfast.
“Personality goes a long way.” • Jules and Vincent discuss pork products and Jules' resemblance to David Carradine.
Pumpkin & Honey Bunny • Meanwhile, at another table, this sequence from the beginning of the film gets spliced in: Pumpkin and Honey Bunny spontaneously decide to rob the restaurant they're in; Pumpkin (aka Ringo) learns some French.
“trying to be the shepherd.” • All hell breaks loose at the coffee shop. Vincent is taking a crap while this is happening. Thankully, Jules is in a "transitional period" and no one get shot.
Jules & Vincent at Strip Club/Butch Payoff • In the movie, this scene comes in right after Brett is shot. At one of Marcellus's strip clubs, Butch gets paid off to take a fall. Jules & Vincent show up in their t-shirts and flip-flops, with the Mystery Briefcase. Vincent taunts Butch at the bar.
Vincent & Mia Go On A Date
I was never clear whether this was the same day or the next day- I gotta watch it more closely next time.
Piercing: Vincent buys heroin • Vincent, back in his work clothes plus overcoat, learns more about Jody's (Rosanna Arquette) piercings than anyone needs to know. He also tries some of Lance's best skag. He is doped to the gills when he shows up at Mia's front door.
Vincent meets Mia • Vincent picks up Mia at her house. Mia takes a toot of coke for the road.
Jackrabbit Slim’s • Mia and Vincent go to Jack Rabbit Slim's, and John Travolta does the "I'm On Drugs" walk all the way around the restaurant.
Twist Contest • The funniest thing about this scene is the totally straight face on Vincent while he's doing all those silly dance moves.
Mia OD’s • Mia and Vincent arrive at her house, trophy in hand. Just when you think some shenanigans might ensue (QT has certainly led you to believe this), Mia (wearing Vincent's coat) mistakes his heroin for coke and snorts it. And where is Vincent while Mia is snorting the heroin? In the bathroom again, of course!
Adrenaline • The only thing worse than screwing Marcellus Wallace's wife (see Tony "Rocky Horror" Rockamora) is killing her with your dope. Vincent panicks and takes her to Lance, who luckily has a shot of adrenalin on hand.
Butch, Fabienne, and The Gold Watch
This story must take place at least one day after Vincent and Mia's date.
Captain Koons • Christopher Walken, in Butch's dream, explains where you wear a gold watch while in a POW camp (it's not on yor wrist, that's for sure). Butch wakes up and goes out to fight, and win, despite the payoff.
Esmerelda Villa Lobos • After the fight, Butch has one of those enigmatic and mysterious cab rides which only happens in the movies. We learn that Butch spent the payoff money betting on himself to win- the odds were against him winning because Marcellus laid down a lot of cash on (what he thought was) a sure thing. Marcellus, standing over the dead boxer's body, declares they will kill Butch no matter what. English Bob says he'll take care of it. We learn later what a half-assed job English Bob does.
“Donde esta la zapateria?” • At the motel, Butch and Fabienne make love, and then shower.
“Where’s my watch?” • The next morning. Fabienne is fantasizing about blueberry pancakes and pie, when Butch discovers she forgot to get the watch. Butch shows admirable restraint in not beating up Fabienne.
Pop Tarts: Vincent dies • Marcellus' crack team of assassins consists of Vincent, who is in Butch's bathroom (another potty break?) when Butch shows up. Butch shoots Vincent with Vincent's own machine gun. Vincent is unlikely to make it into the Hitman Hall Of Fame after this embarassing incident.
Crash at the Teriaki Donut • Just when you think Butch is free and clear, Marcellus crosses the street in front of him, a dozen Teriaki Donuts in hand. Butch runs him over, cracks up Fabienne's Honda. Marcellus is helped off the ground- bystander Kathy Griffin points out Butch. A chase ensues, and they end up in the basement of a couple sexual predators, and The Gimp.
“Bring out the gimp.” • Zed and Maynard have no idea who they've got tied up in their basement. In the movies, the hero is never tied to a chair properly. Being tied to a chair is the automatic signal that that person will be escaping soon.
Getting medieval • Butch escapes. The only thing worse than betraying Marcellus Wallace on a fixed boxing match, then running him over with your car, then punching him in the face a couple times, is doing all that then leaving him to be sodomized by a pair of maniacs.
“Zed’s dead baby, Zed’s dead.” • Butch steals Zed's chopper and picks up Fabienne, who never got her blueberry pancakes.

Pulp Fiction

I was dragged to Fresh Pond to see Legends Of The Fall again, which I didn't really want to see anyways. When I discovered they were showing Legends on their tiniest shoebox screen, a screen so small it should be illegal, I snuck into Pulp Fiction instead for a fifth viewing. Pulp was also playing on a tiny screen, but at least I really liked the movie.

February 14, 1995

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

Good despite not being what anyone expected. Tom defeated everyone's expectations because he is the most determined movie star ever. He works harder to make a movie successful than anyone!
Fun Casting Note: I just discovered that the actress who plays the New Orleans whore whom Lestat stuffs into a coffin for a joke (Indra Ové) also played the VIP Stewardess whom Ruby Rhod goes down on in The Fifth Element! Two memorable roles...

February 12, 1995

The Quick and The Dead

Inventive cinematography and fun casting, but the story was plain and ordinary. Director Sam Raimi would not find his groove until Spider-Man and 2.

February 11, 1995

February 9, 1995

22: Name That Tune

All the song titles are people's names (Linus & Lucy, Jools & Jim, Jack & Diane...)
90 minutes

February 8, 1995

Nobody's Fool

Delightful movie. Bruce Willis and Melanie Griffith should thank their agents-- they both ought to make more movies as good as this...(Janus theater, Harvard Square)

February 5, 1995