October 13, 1994

Pulp Fiction (free preview screening)

Debuted at Cannes five months earlier, this was a preview screening before its general release in Boston. The PR firm was handing out full sized Pulp Fiction posters at the screening (I still have mine). This was the first of six screenings of this film I will attend in next 4 1/2 months.

October 11, 1994

Exit To Eden (free preview screening)

Rosie O'Donnell and Dan Aykroyd are detectives sent undercover at some kind of kinky sex spa, forcing the audience to see them both in leather and chains. The only saving grace is watching Dana Delany play a dominatrix. This preview took place at the Cheri theater in the Back Bay (where the Kings bowling joint is now). Because the movie was based on a cult favorite novel by Anne Rice, there were a bunch of, erm, S&M aficionados at the screening. Let's face it: they must have been pretty mad to see Garry Marshall butcher their favorite novel.

October 4, 1994

Ed Wood (free preview screening)

Delightful tribute to the joy of moviemaking.
(Nickelodeon theater, Comm. Ave, Boston)