July 27, 1994

The Mask (free preview screening)

Terribly silly, but fun debut for Jim Carrey, and an unforgettable debut for Cameron Diaz too!

July 25, 1994

It Could Happen To You (free preview screening)

I don't remember much about this "cop wins lottery, splits jackpot with waitress" romantic comedy.

July 20, 1994


Incredibly impossible, lots of plot holes and flawed logic, but also a non-stop action thriller. I can't look away. I hate myself for loving Speed! 2015 UPDATE: I watched this movie again, and it's still gripping and I can't help but watch the whole thing, but this time I noticed another total implausibility- after Harry & Jack foil Dennis Hopper's elevator scheme, Hopper plans and executes his two exploding buses revenge in a matter of days- the exploding bus scenes all take place the morning after they receive their medals from the police commissioner. Dennis Hopper somehow rigs the bus to explode driven by the guy who gets his coffee at the same time as Jack at Jack's favorite coffee shop? This isn't even a bus route, it's just the driver on the way to work. Omigod I have to stop or I will be poking holes in this movie all morning.

July 17, 1994

True Lies

I sat way up near the front of the Cheri cinema's main theater, with Craig. As much as I enjoy watching Jamie Lee Curtis in her underwear, the pretext for making her strip was incredibly demeaning and sexist. Plus the terrorists were a crude racist stereotype.

July 14, 1994

N's 16th Music Mix

  1. Save It For Later: The English Beat
  2. (Keep Feeling) Fascination: The Human League
  3. Misty Mountain Hop: Led Zeppelin
  4. Alone: Pearl Jam
  5. Cleopatra's Cat: Spin Doctors
  6. Watch That Girl Destroy Me: Possum Dixon
  7. Spirit In The Night: Bruce Springsteen
  8. Night in My Veins: Pretenders
  9. Few and Far Between: 10,000 Maniacs
  10. Rock Steady: Sting
  11. When You Come Back to Me: World Party
  1. Walk on the Ocean: Toad the Wet Sprocket
  2. Oh Yoko! John Lennon
  3. Hannah & Gabi: The Lemonheads
  4. Save Me: k.d. lang
  5. Cold Shoulder: Squeeze
  6. Cecelia: Simon & Garfunkel
  7. Bluebird: Paul McCartney & Wings
  8. Another Day: Paul McCartney
  9. Creeque Alley: Mamas & Papas
  10. The Lion Sleeps Tonight [live] R.E.M.
  11. Seven Deadly Sins: Traveling Wilburys
  12. Saturday in the Park: Chicago
  13. Bit Part: Lemonheads
(90 minute Maxell cassette)

The Client (free preview screening)

Quality Hollywood product. The Firm is still my favorite Grisham adaptation, but Tommy Lee and Susan squeeze out sparks.

July 6, 1994

Whatever Happened To Penelope Ann Miller?

After catching Penelope Ann Miller in Adventures in Babysitting, and then writing about The Shadow (see below), I checked out Penelope Ann Miller's Filmography, and I wondered whatever happened to her. Her breakout role was in The Freshman in 1990. She was badly miscast as an Italian Mafia daughter, but I seem to be the only person who noticed. After that, she landed one plum role after another: Awakenings and Kindergarten Cop (both 1990), Chaplin (1992), and Carlito's Way (1993). After The Shadow and a TV movie in 1994, she didn't work again until 1997, and that was the B-list horror movie The Relic (1997). After that, the last decade has been mostly TV work. Perhaps the lesson to be learned here is this: When you're the IT Girl, you can't take a step back out of the spotlight, because they'll move on to someone else while you're gone...

The Shadow

This weak attempt at a Batman-esque franchise is a real guilty pleasure of mine. I love expensive, over-produced movies like this! Alec Baldwin stars, in one of his last movies where he takes his shirt off. In an early scene where he plays a drug kingpin in Tibet, he sleeps shirtless with black silk puffy pants. Yikes! Co-starring Penelope Ann Miller (Adventures in Babysitting) as the crazy-sexy daughter of the atomic scientist (Ian McKellen, The Last Action Hero). Also starring John Lone, Tim Curry, Jonathan Winters, and Peter Boyle. A matinee showing on a very hot day. I was required to see it as a fellow member of the Big Head club was starring. We gotta stick together, ya know.

July 3, 1994


Jack Nicholson would pee on a bathroom floor again in About Schmidt.

July 2, 1994

Blown Away

To celebrate the release of this Boston-based movie, my group of friends all went together to see Blown Away at the Cheri theater, and then headed back to Davis Square for a barbecue. We all laughed all the way through the movie. So many mistakes were made in their representation of Boston, it made us wonder why they bothered to set it in Boston at all.