June 30, 1994

Forrest Gump (free press screening)

For some reason, I sat right up front, in one of those shoebox-sized Copley Place theaters. That feather floating around the sky was enormous! All these years later, it's treacly, overly sentimental, overly long, manipulative crap. The whole sequence where he runs cross-country could have been excised and the film would've been better.

June 26, 1994

City Slickers II: The Legend Of Curly's Gold

Totally unnecessary and pointless sequel.

June 25, 1994

The Lion King

Disney at their apex. This would remain the all-time highest-grossing animated film until Finding Nemo in 2003. Of course, ticket prices have gone from $6-$7 to $8-$9 since 1994...

June 22, 1994

Maverick (free preview screening)

Quality entertainment, and my second Western in a row! A reunion of Mel Gibson and Lethal Weapon director Richard Donner, Maverick felt really long- if you pay attention, the story has 4 or 5 "acts", where most films only have 3.

Wyatt Earp (free preview screening)

Too long, and not as much fun as Tombstone, which came out the previous Christmas. But Dennis Quaid is good and gaunt as Doc Holliday. Kevin Costner is overly wooden, and he was unconvincing as the twenty-something Wyatt Earp: his soft, 39-year-old jawline betrayed his age.

June 4, 1994

The Crow

Terribly tragic movie, in so many ways. Brandon Lee seemed to be beginning a big movie career! In the ten years since this film was released, director Alex Proyas has made Dark City (1998), Garage Days (2002), and I, Robot (2004), and that's it.

June 1, 1994

N's 15th Music Mix

"Remake of Mix #1; N's top choices for fast driving music" This is probably my best cassette mix, certainly the best of the college years. Not only did I select the songs and sequence very carefully, but I also cross-faded everything with great attention to detail.


  1. "Can You Picture That" Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem
  2. "Who? Where? Why?" Jesus Jones
  3. "Who Do You Love?" George Thorogood & The Destroyers
  4. "Would I Lie To You?" Eurythmics
  5. "Question Air?" Shockra
  6. "Where'd You Go?" The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  7. "Mirror In The Bathroom" The (English) Beat
  8. "Sweet Emotion" Aerosmith
  9. "Start Me Up" The Rolling Stones
  10. "Birthday" The Beatles
  11. "Get It On (Bang A Gong)" Power Station
  1. "Middle of the Road" Pretenders
  2. "Helen Wheels" Paul McCartney & Wings
  3. "Life is a Highway" Tom Cochrane
  4. "Sweet Home Alabama" Lynyrd Skynyrd
  5. "La Grange" ZZ Top
  6. "Panama" Van Halen
  7. "Desire" U2
  8. "Been Caught Stealing" Jane's Addiction
  9. "Jumpin' Jack Flash" The Rolling Stones
  10. "Runnin Down A Dream" Tom Petty
  11. "Animal" Pearl Jam
(100 minute Denon cassette)