January 16, 1994


Not a dry eye in the house, especially during the home movies at the end.

January 9, 1994

The Indiana Jones Trilogy

In January 1994, I saw the three Indiana Jones movies at the Wang Theater, the largest movie screen in New England. Costar John Rhys-Davies (Sallah) introduced the films. Just imagine if Rhys-Davies had a time machine back then:
Rhys-Davies: Thanks for coming out today to see these three wonderful films! I have some good news- Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Harrison Ford are teaming up to make another Indiana Jones film!
Crowd: (apoplectic cheering)
Rhys-Davies: The bad news-- they won't begin filming until 2007.
Crowd: (confused murmuring)
Rhys-Davies: I'd like to introduce the actor who will be cast as Jones's sidekick...
Crowd: (expectant murmuring)
Rhys-Davies: Come on out here, kid-- here's Shia Lebouf! (a seven and a half year old boy peeks out from behind the curtain)
Rhys-Davies: Don't worry folks- he'll get a bit, erm, taller, in the next decade. Mark your calendars, and we'll see you again May 22, 2008!
Crowdmember: 2008? Is that a year?
Crowd: (starts throwing things)
Rhys Davies: (cries out in pain, grabs LeBouf, and runs for limousine)