January 15, 1993


I have seen many many movies over 25+ years of moviegoing, and television viewing. Of the 500+ movies in this diary, for a vast majority I have at least partial memories of the movie. A movie doesn't have to be good to be memorable: a bad movie can either scar your soul for life, or can be so forgettable as to evaporate before you finish digesting your Milk Duds. Hexed is one of those movies.

January 11, 1993


I don't think I had seen any of Chaplin's films before seeing this biopic.

January 10, 1993

Star Wars Trilogy: Episodes 4, 5, and 6

The Wang Center for the Performing Arts' main concert hall features the biggest movie screen in New England. The crowd was completely bonkers. Every character intro received a raucous ovation. It was wild seeing the trilogy on an enormous screen with 3,500 people. Remember this was during The Dark Times, ten years after Return of the Jedi but four years before the Special Editions and six years before the mania for the prequels hit fever pitch.

January 4, 1993


It woulda helped if I knew anything about the guy going in, huh? Jack Nicholson's face featured one of the most distracting prosthetics I have ever seen- they thickened Nicholson's nose with a piece of latex, and I stared at it all the way through the movie. Kevin Spacey's nose job in another biopic, Beyond The Sea, was similarly distracting.