October 1, 1991

Sex Drugs Rock & Roll

This blog is pretty comprehensive.
When they started printing the names of the movies, the showtimes, etc, on the ticket stubs, I started keeping all my stubs.
I literally kept them in a matchbox at first.
This must have been around 1987-88, and I bet I have only misplaced or forgotten a tiny fraction of all the stubs? Collecting and not losing these little slips of paper dovetails perfectly with my compulsive nature.
When I migrated the box full of stubs (and later a scrapbook full of stubs) onto the Internet, I was able to catch almost all of the movies I saw in the theater since the late 1980s. And of the fraction of movies that I may have missed, I left them out because I can't remember if I saw the movie in the theater or on VHS.
Then there is Sex Drugs Rock & Roll.
I know for sure I saw this movie at the Church St Harvard Square movie theater, I have a very distinct memory of it- but I somehow created and maintained this blog for a decade before I unearthed this memory:
Eric Bogosian is a guest on the Marc Maron WTF podcast this week (December 2015) and somehow seeing his photo with Maron popped three factoids into my front brain:
  1. Oh! I saw that one-man show/movie Sex Drugs Rock & Roll at the Church St Harvard Square theater when I was a freshman in college!
  2. And then I bought the book/script, probably at the Harvard Coop!
  3. And I never put this movie into my blog either!
I remember a couple of the characters/monologues from the one-man show pretty well. Some of the references went over my head, and since I don't do drugs I mostly appreciated the sex and rock & roll parts. NOTE: I don't know what date I saw this movie. According to IMDb it was released September 6, 1991, so I dated this post October 1.