July 4, 1991

Great Movies I Have Not Seen

I want this diary to not only chronicle the movies I have seen, but also to describe the movies I have not seen. I have featured lists of the highest grossing movies I haven't seen, and the Oscar-nominated Best Pictures I have not seen. Here's another metric: the IMDb Top 250 Movies I Have Not Seen. The Internet Movie Database maintains a list of the 250 best movies as rated by their users. I reviewed the 250 movies (as ranked on 1/26/2007) and here are my findings: IMDb Top 250
  • Total Films: 250
  • I have seen: 194 (theater + home)
  • Not seen: 56 (23%)
Of those 56 movies:
  • English language: 29
  • Foreign language: 27
The Top Ten English language movies I pledge to see:
  • Five Movies from Charlie Chaplin & Buster Keaton:
    • The Gold Rush
    • The General
    • City Lights
    • Modern Times
    • The Great Dictator
  • Two B&W Hitchcock Movies:
    • Rebecca
    • Strangers on a Train
  • Three Early Kubrick Movies:
    • The Killing
    • Paths of Glory
    • Spartacus
    The Top Foreign Language movies I pledge to see:
    • Metropolis
    • M
    • Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (aka Amélie)
    • Der Untergang (aka Downfall)