May 25, 1991

Hudson Hawk

Bruce Willis is Hudson Hawk, a self-styled Rat Pack-esque cat burglar just released from ten years in prison. He's forced out of retirement by wacky megalomaniacs The Mayflowers (Sandra Bernhard and Richard E. Grant, right) to steal DaVinci artifacts so they can assemble an actual working alchemy machine. Danny Aiello is Hudson's buddy from the old days, and Andie MacDowell is a Vatican nun- or is she a secret Catholic agent?
Hollywood superstar hubris at its shallowest, Hudson Hawk has Bruce Willis's fingerprints all over it: fresh off two Die Hard movies, and two Look Who's Talking movies (all four smash hits), Willis co-wrote the story and the "theme song" for this showcase of the goofy-cool, wisecracking "Bruce Willis" character: Tougher than David Addison, funnier than John McClane. And of course, he gets to sing! I saw this twice in two days (May 24 and 25) because I was nineteen and bored.

Also On Memorial Day, Through The Years

I have been to the movies on Memorial Day Monday 13 times in 24 years, but it's not a great track record.