July 18, 1990


All I remember about this movie is stepping out to go to the bathroom, and when I returned, my friend Mark told me I had missed the scene where a teenage girl takes a shower (hubba hubba) and nearly gets spider-bit. Over the years, I have developed a knack for picking the perfect scene for taking a bathroom break. Sometime early in the "second act" of a movie, there will be a scene which telegraphs to me "this scene is not vital to enjoying the movie", and I hoof it out to the Men's. Perhaps this is my superpower? Indeed, when I see a movie for a second time, I often remember "this is when I left to go to the bathroom last time". Even after I've seen a movie more than twice, after I have seen the "bathroom break" scene at least once, I often remember it as the "bathroom break" scene. The fact that my bathroom break is the most memorable thing about Arachnophobia should tell you something about the quality of the film. (Danvers multiplex, across Rt 128 from Liberty Tree Mall)