August 15, 1989


 It's actually a pretty neat premise- in order repopulate the future (or something like that), passengers are abducted from jet planes which are about to crash, then the planes are sent off to blow up without them. This way, no one in the 20th century knows the passengers were abducted? Now that I spell it out, it's a bizarre premise. I loved how the "messing with past events" paradoxes led to "time waves" passing through the scenes set in the future: a voice on the future PA system warned the characters that a "time wave" was coming, and then the sets would shake and the lights would flicker. I guess messing with time machines leads to earthquakes? Nearly 20 years later, the absurd time travel movie A Sound Of Thunder included a similar ridiculousness: changes in the timeline made millions of years ago manifested themselves with "time waves" which introduced CGI animals and plants all over Chicago. Finally, the last "time wave" turns Catherine McCormack into a half mermaid, half catfish (I am not making this up). Millenium stars Kris Kristofferson is the crash investigator, and Cheryl Ladd is the time travel agent from the future, who needs to set everything straight.
Catherine McCormack at the end
of A Sound Of Thunder