January 15, 1989

Three Fugitives

On his first day out after being released from prison, bank robber Lucas (Nick Nolte) is an innocent bystander in line for a teller, when he gets tangled up in a botched bank robbery by desperate father Ned Perry (Martin Short). When the police arrive, Detective Dugan (James Earl Jones) naturally assumes Lucas is behind the hold-up. Lucas ends up on the run with Perry and his sickly daughter Meg (Sarah Rowland Doroff).

Written and directed by Francis Veber, a remake of his 1986 French movie Les Fugitifs (starring Gérard Depardieu as Lucas). Nick Nolte also played the Gérard Depardieu role in another French-turned-American remake, Down & Out in Beverly Hills (based on the French play Boudu Saved From Drowning). Martin Short also played a man named Ned (Ned Nederlander), in a movie with a two-word title, and the first word is "Three": ¡Three Amigos! (1986)

My first ever written-down film review was a review of this movie, for a student comedy newspaper which I co-founded with some friends in high school. The review is not available on this Web site, thank God.