July 3, 1988

Die Hard

Die Hard's premise (our hero, caught unaware and unprepared, battles bad guys in confined quarters) spawned a whole new genre of movies:
  • Die Hard on a Battleship = Under Siege
  • Die Hard on a Bus = Speed
  • Die Hard on a Plane = Passenger 57, Air Force One
  • Die Hard on a Cruise Ship = Speed 2
  • Die Hard On A Train = Under Siege 2
The irony is that Die Hard 2 and 3 didn't really follow template which the copycats followed so closely, and so well.

One of the keys to making this kind of movie work is an attractive villain. Hiring some hack with a funny accent is not enough. Hiring classically trained actor Alan Rickman was a smart move, even if he has to fake a German accent. Did I mention I got the 2 disc DVD set for Christmas? Back in 1988, I saw this three times in two months- clearly this is a masterpiece to a sixteen-year-old.
(July 3rd, August 6th, and August 13, 1988)