July 15, 1987

Cannon Films: Now Less Than Ever!

Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus brought the world some of the sclhockiest films of the last quarter-century. Cannon Films singlehandedly kept Chuck Norris and Chuck Bronson working with over sixteen films between them. Cannon Films.com is a tribute to the history of this defunct independent studio. How many Cannon Films have you seen? I have seen the following Cannon films on home video:
  • Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (the worst of the Superman series)
  • Lifeforce (English babes playing hot naked alien vampires; Patrick Stewart has a bit part)
  • Alien From L.A. starring Kathy Ireland (I only saw this one on Mystery Science Theater 3000)
  • Runaway Train (not a bad flick, actually)
  • Cobra (Beverly Hills Cop was originally written with Sylvester Stallone in mind, but Sly had different ideas for the film- Cobra is the result.)