June 15, 1987

The Untouchables

I love this movie. Top-flight talent in all the roles, great sets, great Armani clothes, Ennio Morricone music, and a taut, exciting story where Brian DePalma keeps his worst tendencies in check. I don't have a ticket stub for this movie, but I distinctly remember seeing this movie in the theater.

June 1, 1987

Tee Shirt Hall of Fame: 1958 Edsel

I bought this shirt at the North Market Building of Quincy Marketplace, probably in 1987. I know for sure I had the shirt in 1987 because the photo below is me wearing it on a road trip returning from picking up my brother from Basic Training that summer. That's him with the buzz cut and ridiculous quasi-Hawaiian shirt. I really like Warhol-ian imagery that re-purposes vintage photography in a pop context.