July 15, 1987

Tee Shirt Hall of Fame: Peter Gabriel

My first concert! Rolling Stone magazine used to have a column listing all the upcoming rock tours, and I spotted Peter Gabriel was coming to Great Woods in July. I must have asked for my mother's credit card, because I remember calling Ticketmaster on the telephone to get tickets. Somehow I got two great seats halfway back inside the shed and yes I took my mother.
I still love this shirt, which you can see I wore out - my mom once asked me "Is that Max Headroom?"
At the bottom is a photo my friend Artur took of me wearing this shirt circa 1989-90...

Cannon Films: Now Less Than Ever!

Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus brought the world some of the sclhockiest films of the last quarter-century. Cannon Films singlehandedly kept Chuck Norris and Chuck Bronson working with over sixteen films between them. Cannon Films.com is a tribute to the history of this defunct independent studio. How many Cannon Films have you seen? I have seen the following Cannon films on home video:
  • Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (the worst of the Superman series)
  • Lifeforce (English babes playing hot naked alien vampires; Patrick Stewart has a bit part)
  • Alien From L.A. starring Kathy Ireland (I only saw this one on Mystery Science Theater 3000)
  • Runaway Train (not a bad flick, actually)
  • Cobra (Beverly Hills Cop was originally written with Sylvester Stallone in mind, but Sly had different ideas for the film- Cobra is the result.)

Beverly Hills Cop III

Each of the three Beverly Hills Cop movies was directed by a diffrerent man, and each has its own feel, almost as if each is a 'riff' on the same concept. The first is a perfect blend of comedy and crime action. Cop II, directed by Tony Scott (Top Gun), is much more serious, beginning with Ronny Cox's character getting shot (by Brigitte Neilsen, of all people!). Number II also stars Dean Stockwell and his 'sleazy bad guy' moustache. Cop III is pointless and non-funny, and directed by John Landis.

June 15, 1987

The Untouchables

I love this movie. Top-flight talent in all the roles, great sets, great Armani clothes, Ennio Morricone music, and a taut, exciting story where Brian DePalma keeps his worst tendencies in check. I don't have a ticket stub for this movie, but I distinctly remember seeing this movie in the theater.

June 1, 1987

Tee Shirt Hall of Fame: 1958 Edsel

I bought this shirt at the North Market Building of Quincy Marketplace, probably in 1987. I know for sure I had the shirt in 1987 because the photo below is me wearing it on a road trip returning from picking up my brother from Basic Training that summer. That's him with the buzz cut and ridiculous quasi-Hawaiian shirt. I really like Warhol-ian imagery that re-purposes vintage photography in a pop context.

April 1, 1987

Tee Shirt Hall of Fame: U2

I had known and liked U2 before The Joshua Tree came out, but The Joshua Tree is one of the few albums I have owned on LP, Cassette, and Compact Disc!
I did NOT see U2 on the Joshua Tree tour, but I do have a shirt very similar to the shirt sold at the concerts- the real tee shirt had the tour dates listed on the back.