April 21, 2010

The Best Actress Curse?

With the back-to-back separations of Sandra Bullock and Kate Winslet from their husbands, one can't help but wonder if there's a Best Actress Curse plaguing the Oscars? When Halle Berry leveraged her Oscar win for Monster's Ball into roles in some of the worst movies of the decade, little did we know that Movie Karma would come around and spawn a curse! FUN FACT: The Rotten Tomatoes Freshness Rating for Monster's Ball is higher than the ratings for Gothika, Catwoman, and Perfect Stranger put together! Now it turns out, her curse has spilled over onto non-sellout Best Actress winners. The facts don't lie:
  • Halle Berry won Best Actress in 2002, marriage ended in 2005;
  • Charlize Theron won in 2004, marriage ended in 2010;
  • Hilary Swank won in 2000 and 2005, marriage ended in 2007;
  • Reese Witherspoon won in 2006, marriage ended in 2008;
  • Kate Winslet won in 2009, marriage ended later that year;
  • Sandra Bullock won in 2010, her marriage was over already, she just didn't know it yet.
It sounds pretty cold to be so cavalier about peoples' lives, but they don't read my blog, right?