December 31, 2002

2002: Year-End Wrap-Up

Freshly divorced in 2001, I spent the first year of the new century hiding out in the basement, watching tons of Netflix DVDs and visiting the multiplex. In 2002, I turned into Freewheelin' Single Guy: I went to a ton of movies at theaters I hadn't visited before. I saw lots of vintage movies, double-features, film series,and midnight shows. I went on a bunch of movie dates, including movie dates with my future wife [smiles]. My Top Five movies of 2002: Far From Heaven, Gangs Of New York, The Kid Stays In The Picture, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and Punch-Drunk Love.

December 29, 2002

Gangs of New York

gangsThe last movie I saw in the calendar year is my winner for Best Picture of 2002. (AMC Fenway 13)

December 22, 2002

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

LOTR2Great movie, although we were in 5th row for the December 19 show. The stunt where Legolas swings himself up onto Aragorn's horse from the ground, make me yell "whooo hoooo!". Or was it "WOW!"? I don't recall. On December 21st, we sat in the back row, to get a more distant perpective. (December 19th & 22nd, 2002; Loews Boston Common)

December 21, 2002


adaptationI didn't love this movie the first time, but I bet I'll like it better on second viewing. If only it were Meryl Streep's butt we get to see onscreen, instead we get to see Chris Cooper's butt... (Showcase Cinemas Randolph)

December 20, 2002

Singin' In The Rain

Brilliant restoration of one of my Top Ten All-Time. (Regent Theater Arlington)

December 10, 2002

Double Feature: The Breakfast Club & Sixteen Candles

The Breakfast Club may still speak to teenagers, but from my 30-year-old's perspective, the kids seem whiny and self-absorbed. It frightens me that John Hughes made this movie at age 34.sixteen
Anthony Michael Hall is completely overlooked as a comedic actor. Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin from Superbad) both owe a huge debt to Hall. He steals Sixteen Candles from Molly Ringwald, and he is hilarious in Breakfast Club too. (Brattle Theater)

Highway 88 Revisited

"Nigel Stubleigh" was a silly alter ego my wife and I invented when we were still just dating. I took the album Highway 51 Revisited, pasted my head (wearing a tinfoil hat + goggles, naturally) onto Bob Dylan's body, and PRESTO! Instant classic.
NOTE: A bunch of these songs were borrowed from my wife's CDs.
  1. Junior Walker & The All-Stars' "Shotgun" is a perfect opening track.
  2. John (Cougar) Mellencamp - Cherry Bomb
  3. Richard Thompson - I Feel So Good
  4. Bruce Springsteen - "Pink Cadillac" is one of my favorite Springsteen songs: it was released as the B-side to "Dancing In The Dark".
  5. Michelle Shocked - Hello Hopeville
  6. Fountains of Wayne - Leave The Biker
  7. Jonatha Brooke - Linger
  8. Howard Jones - I copied this remix/edit of "No One Is To Blame" from my old mix tape 12 (August 1993).
  9. Lindsay Buckingham - Never Going Back Again (alternate version inadvertently downloaded from Napster)
  10. The Faces - Ooh La La
  11. Ani DiFranco - Little Plastic Castle
  12. Shelby Lynne - Life Is Bad
  13. Live - I Alone
  14. Dave Pirner - "Start Treating People Right" is from Dave's soulful solo debut, Faces & Names
  15. Cream - I Feel Free
  16. Eric Clapton & The Band - "Further On Up The Road" Live at "The Last Waltz", Winterland San Francisco, Thanksgiving 1976
  17. Elvis Costello & The Attractions - "Watching The Detectives" live at Hollywood High School
  18. The Beastie Boys - Sneakin Out The Hospital

December 9, 2002

Some Like It Hot

someStill my all-time third-funniest movie, after Young Frankenstein and A Fish Called Wanda.

Jerry, talking about Sugar Kane: Will you look at that! Look how she moves! It's like Jell-O on springs. Must have some sort of built-in motor or something. I tell you, it's a whole different sex! (Brattle Theater)

December 3, 2002

Better off Dead...

A completely charming if ridiculous shaggy-dog comedy.
Roy Stalin: You'd make a fine little helper. What's your name?
Charles: Charles De Mar.
Roy Stalin: Shut up, geek.
(Brattle Theater)