February 24, 2001

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

crouchingTranscendent. The ending makes me cry, but believe it or not, my parents didn't like it! (Showcase Cinemas Randolph)

February 11, 2001


The most realistically shockingly gruesome film I've ever seen. Left the theater with jaw hanging open. With Dan, Kevin, and Dan's friend Rob.
THEATER NOTE: This may have been my first-ever visit to AMC Fenway. The theater was opened in 2000, and I had just moved back to Boston from Portland the previous month.
ALSO by Gary Oldman on STUB HUBBY:

February 3, 2001

Shadow of the Vampire

shadowofDarkly satiric satire of the Hollywood system. Another movie with a great ending. (Kendall Square Cinema)

February 1, 2001

061 Distractions

  1. "All I Want" Has it ever been cool to like Toad the Wet Sprocket? Don't know, don't care. Not that I blare this song out the sunroof.
  2. "Baby Can I Hold You?" I've been a Tracy Chapman fan since the first album.
  3. "Distractions" Pleasant and cool Paul McCartney vibe.
  4. "The Sounds of Science" Beastie Boys
  5. "Stacked Actors" Foo Fighters
  6. "Unemployed Boyfriend" Everclear "The weird thing is, he's actually kind of cute, in a really intense way. Like Perry Farrell, you know? Intense but sensitive."
  7. "Girlfriend" Matthew Sweet
  8. "When I Write The Book" Nick Lowe "When I get down on the pages all I felt, it'll make the hardest-hearted book critic's heart melt."
  9. "(Stay) Wasting Time" Dave Matthews Band
  10. "Yesterday Girl" Smithereens
  11. "Walk On" U2
  12. "(Straight to Your Heart) Like A Cannonball" Van Morrison; Tupelo Honey (1971)
  13. "Romeo & Juliet" Dire Straits
  14. "Emotional Rescue" Rolling Stones
  15. "Pinch Me" There was a five-year period where it seems like I put Barenaked Ladies on every single mix!
  16. "My Sister Rose" 10,000 Maniacs
  17. "You're The One" Paul Simon