June 19, 1998

The X Files: Fight The Future

xfilesAn ambitious attempt to advance the main conspiracy plotline. We learn all the major pieces of the ongoing worldwide conspiracy, but, as usual, Mulder and Scully cannot make any headway towards exposing the truth. (Hoyt's Falmouth Cinemas)

June 13, 1998

Deep Impact

deepThe trailer for this movie is where the studios first started spoiling their films in a desperate move to get people to buy tickets. All the best parts of the movie are in the trailer. It was around this time where I would watch trailers and say "well, I don't need to see that movie now!" This movie also holds the distinction of having a happy ending, despite the deaths of millions, possibly billions of people. As long as Elijah Wood and his girlfriend survive, right? The other movie which fits that description is Steven Spielberg's preposterous War of the Worlds: A billion people are killed by the Martians, yet everything's OK because Tom Cruise's son survives? Now that I think of it, Morgan Freeman narrates both of these movies. Odd...

June 9, 1998

The Truman Show

trumanI truly enjoyed this film on many levels. Easily Jim Carrey's finest role to date. One of the great endings in movie history. (Hoyt's Falmouth Cinemas)