November 30, 1996

Mars Attacks!

marsA special sneak-preview screening (not free) at the Maine Mall cinema. This movie needed all the promotion it could get, to win over mainstream audiences to its overly zany sensibilities.

November 22, 1996

Star Trek: First Contact

startrek8The really good Next Generation Trek movie, featuring the baddest of baddies, The Borg. A good blend of action, thrills, and comedy. (Maine Mall Cinema)

November 10, 1996


A sharp thriller from Ron Howard. Rene Russo had a good year- I saw her in Tin Cup too. Did you know that Russo and Howard went to high school together? Russo is only 12 days older than Howard. (Maine Mall Cinema)

November 3, 1996

Tin Cup

Weird sunset backdrop in this
movie poster- why not show
a green fairway? It looks like
a volcano eruption!
Another sports movie from director Ron Shelton and Kevin Costner. I found it pretty entertaining, despite the fact that I have never played golf in my life which didn't involve windmills, loop-the-loops, and a undersized fiberglass Tyrannosaurus Rex.