July 27, 1996

James & The Giant Peach

jamesDelightful stop-motion animation from Henry Selick, the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I don't remember too much about it. I read the book when I was a kid.

July 24, 1996


multiplicityHigh concept comedy from Harold Ramis. My old college friend Craig, working at Boss Film Studios, gets to meet Michael Keaton and receives a screen credit. (Hoyt's Cinemas South Portland)

July 14, 1996

Courage Under Fire

A emotionally heartbreaking story. (Maine Mall Cinema)

July 5, 1996

N's Unfinished Mix Tape. Number Thirty-Nine

"Recorded July 5, 1996, just before Bob fired me."

July 3, 1996

Independence Day

independenceI fell upon the last hour of ID4 on HBO the other day, so my wife and I watched some of it, and fast-forwarded through the unwatchable parts. What I noticed while watching it for the first time in eleven years is how truly terrible it is. Ugh! The action is boring, the science fiction is non-existent, the whole cast wishes they didn't have to be there- with the possible exception of Randy Quaid, who looks like he's having a great time. We both love Bill Pullman, but Emily kept quoting his plastic surgeon character from Singles ("I'm thirty... five years old, and I don't know how to have a good time!") and I always think of him in Ruthless People ("This may very well be the stupidest man on the face of the Earth.") Jeff Goldblum and Judd Hirsch conduct a intergenerational Bad Acting clinic. And the coup de grace: Goldblum defeats an alien invasion with a software virus he uploads to their computer. Why not just get them to install Windows 95 and wait for the Blue Screen of Death?

I am leaving the never again tag on this post because I only saw parts of the last hour on HBO. I have not seen the whole thing twice, and God help me, I never will.